Pope Benedict XVI’s visit on 23 September 2011 was a special honour for the Eichsfeld region. The pope recognised Eichsfeld for its culture and loyalty to the Church. The Eichsfeld region has a 1,100-year history, but this was the first time a pope had visited it.

In 2011, the eyes of the world were drawn to the unique atmosphereat Etzelsbach, the Ave Maria pilgrimage site. Its many visitors andthe residents of the Eichsfeld region have been extremely interestedin the formerly tranquil pilgrimage site ever since. To honour thatonce-in-a-millennium event, funds from the Regional Budget and Village Restoration programme have been used to build aninformation centre and 12 information columns with 24 information boxes near the Ave Maria pilgrimage chapel.


The information for pilgrims is intended to remind visitors of the pope's visit and, in addition, present the sights worth seeing in our region.